Making your stay easier

We would love to provide you a host during your stay.

Tim has always been our local contact and helped to build up this location from the start,..

During your stay it might be possible to ask a local host questions by WhatsApp.

At this moment we search for people who are willing and able to be a host.

Mail your details…

and tell us why you would like to be a host during 30 to 60 days.

(* you need to be able to clean, cook, drive, repair bikes and clean a pool)


Our first host stayed at the TSEYR Location from

the 30th August 2018 until 8 October 2018, .

My friend Stijn Gabeler is from the Netherlands,..

During his stay, he helped to make the location acessable for groups or couples.

Together with Tim they worked on wifi at the location.


Stijn fixed the 8 bikes – every bike has now a pump, drinkwaterbottle and full tyres + extra inner tube,he also cleaned the pool and the house

did some research about the area by making video’s and photo’s.

The content will be provided on our YouTube Channel and Google Photo’s >> daytrip to Grenada

Together we stayed at the location for 11 days to talk thing through.


A mini-van will be arranged for the location. Once this is arranged people can decide to ask the host to drive them up and down the airport and during their stay they can book an extra daytrip to Grenada, Sevilla or Cordoba.

Stijn speaks perfect English as well as Dutch of course and will be learning Spanish.

He might be able to fly-in from the Netherlands to support you during your stay,..


  • The daytrip to Grenada need to be booked up in front by internet.
  • Other extra daytrips need to be incalculated.
  • People who choose an all inclusive pay for the days they stay at the location, the food and the 1 day daytrip including

A local host can be provided to help you around and guide you during your stay.

(*a local host will cost about 120 euro a day, 600 Euro for 5 days in a week of 7 days)

exclusive the use of the mini-van and fuel.



(the mini-van will be a 9 seater … so maximum of the driver and 8 guests.

If your group is up to 12 people you can rent a car or we can ask our local contact Tim to drive the other 4 people) … all things need to be planned up front by contact on mail, messenger or WhatsApp.

Once you book your stay, you can book a flight and book a transfer up and down.


A trip from the airport Almeria will cost about : 150 Euro > Our price will be 125 Euro

A trip from the airport / Malaga will cost about : 430 Euro

A trip from the airport / Grenada will cost about : 340 Euro

A trip from the airport / Murcia will cost about : 300 Euro




A trip to Grenada will cost about : 150 Euro >

Alhambra will cost up to 20 Euro per ticket and needs to be ordered up in front.


Moreover we search for people who are willing and able to stay for 30 to 60 days at the location to guide people and to become a host.


Since September 2018 it is a fact, …

the location has a mobile phone, landline and wifi.

The landline number on the location +34950161004

The mobile number for our host +34696418523


our wifi username is TSEYRLOCATION

our password is TSEYR2018


See more pictures of the location.


go to the agenda / TSEYR.location

BOOKING SYSTEM / PayPal – pay 10 Euro to start making a reservation / after a confirmation you can book the date and pay for it.

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